Well I went and talked to a Fiberglass boat repair shop. The owner recommended that I use the Evercoat as a storage can after I throw away the inside. He said the best way was to use glass on glass. Use matting between the shells and use a lot of resin. I was able to grind down the Evercoat using 60 grit paper. I then hand sanded using 26 grit to make it more rough. The passenger side front door went together with out much problems. After 3 hours I was able to sand down the excess. I started on the next door. It happened to be the drivers back door. As I was sanding I noticed that the two panels looked different. I tried to clamp them together, they would not clamp together with out having 1/2 inch separation at the top. I checked the other doors. They to had the same problem. I then decided to mount the outside door panels to the body. I finished tack welding the hinges together and tack welded the doors hinges in place. Sanding the doors to make them fit as needed. 

Here you can see the problem. The top of the front door sticks out by 3/4 inch. The rear door sticks in by 1/2 inch. Both outer panels are warped.

You can also see that the window channels are installed.

On the passenger side the front door sticks in by 1/2 inch and at the rear by 1/4 inch at the top to middle.

I haven't installed the window channel in the rear door yet.

The truck is taking shape. If I can get the door problem licked then paint is next.

I think I'm going to move the steering wheel over by 2 inches. I forgot to take into account the interior door panel sticking in so far. 

By the time I'm through with the doors I'll be a master fiberglass. Most of the doors I'll have to cut at the bottom of the window and realign with the door frame, then glass on the interior panels which I'll have to cut as well. 

Stay tune.

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