If you need help on some of your projects. This is one of the places to come. As I build my Hummer I will be documenting most of what I do.

There are three sites that can really help you with some of your projects.
Colorado5 has a great forum and a Technical site. I will reference this site.
H1forum This is a great site for finding issues relating to replica Hummer builds
Tremormuv has a great forum. Follow along with others as they build there Tremormuv.
A great place to search for info on how to build, paint, and just about anything.

These sites will also give you some really great ideas for future projects.

Want a Humvee Manual? I have one online.

Humvee Manual Some of the links are not available. These files are over 16 megs each. I hope to break them down to smaller packages.

Humvee Manual A Here is another manual. Humvee Manual B